Car Parking

Only Official Gilweroo vehicles are to remain in the park during the weekend.

Gilweroo will be operating a shuttle bus between Bay Park and our two off-site carparks.

Hopetoun Car Park

This carpark, located at 225 Hopetoun Avenue, Mt Martha, will be used as our Day Car Park. Each troop will be given a Day Carpark Pass which entitles them to park one car in this carpark.

Old Moorooduc Car Park

The second carpark is significantly larger and is located at 31 Old Moorooduc Road, Dromana. All others cars are expected to be kept here.

Vehicle Policy

The following summarises Gilweroo's Vehicle Policy for 2018.

  • All vehicles entering Joseph Harris Park (Bay Park) from 5pm to 12 midnight on Friday November 16 must be pre-Registered on the Gilweroo Service Desk at Gilweroo Service Requests.

  • All vehicles entering Joseph Harris Park (Bay Park) after 4pm on Sunday November 18 must be pre-Registered on the Gilweroo Service Desk.

  • The only exceptions to these rules will be Emergency Service Vehicles and Gilweroo Official Vehicles.

  • All vehicles using the Gilweroo Off-site Car Parks at 225 Hopetoun Avenue, Mount Martha, and 31 Old Moorooduc Road, Dromana, must be pre-Registered on the Gilweroo Service Desk.

  • Gilweroo Official vehicles will be issued with a permit that must be displayed in the windscreen.

  • On Friday evening, registered vehicles are permitted to drive to the Scout Group's Campsite for the sole purpose of delivering participants, helpers and equipment. They are permitted to remain for a reasonable time to allow unloading. Once unloaded, they must be removed to a carpark location immediately.

  • On Sunday afternoon, registered vehicles are permitted to drive to the Scout Group's Campsite for the sole purpose of collecting participants, helpers and equipment.

  • Trailers are permitted to be left at the campsite over the weekend, provided they do NOT obstruct other vehicular movement or neighbouring campsites. They must be adequately secured. See Trailers at Gilweroo.

  • Vehicles parked on other Troop sites on Friday night will be removed. Any damage sustained during this removal will be the responsibility of the vehicle owner. Removal will be effected using either flat-top towage or chained and dragged by a 4x4 vehicle. 

  • A Scout pickup zone will be established on Sunday afternoon near the Volleyball court area. Vehicles collecting just people and their personal belongings are directed to enter the park via Gate 1 and proceed to the pickup zone. If the passengers are not present when the vehicle arrives at the pickup zone, the vehicle is directed to leave immediately via Gate 4 and re-queue to enter again at Gate 1.

Gilweroo staff will be patrolling campsite areas to ensure that these rules are adhered to. Any driver directed to move their vehicle must do so within 5 minutes of this request.

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