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Axle Stands

Axle Stands are a good way of supporting a trailer to stop it from over balancing or tipping when someone climbs on it. They are inexpensive and available from most Auto shops.

Wheel Chocks

Wheel Chocks are used to prevent a trailer from rolling. On a slope, they should be placed on the downhill side of a wheel as shown in the diagrams. On flat ground it is probably best to have them on both the front and rear of the wheel. They should be placed on wheels on both sides of the trailer.

Dual or Tri-Axle Trailers

Most trailers with multiple axles are relatively stable and may not require support when disconnected from the towing vehicle.

Jockey Wheels

Many trailers are fitted with Jockey Wheels which are generally suitable for supporting the front of the trailer in lieu of Axle Stands.

Trailers are permitted to be left at the campsite over the weekend, provided they do NOT obstruct other vehicular movement or neighbouring campsites. They must be adequately secured.

Trailer Policy
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