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Register Patrol and Scouts

When you Register, you're telling us who is actually coming. This is the information we need by our "Final Patrol Sizes" cutoff date each year (see our Important Dates page) . You'll need to login to the Event Online Bookings system at Once there, you're going to click on the Register Patrols link associated with this year's Gilweroo camp.

Register Patrol.png

Then select Add.

Add Patro Option.png

The Add Patrol page allows you to enter a Patrol Name, a Patrol Type and the number of scouts you intend to place into this patrol.


Note: The Patrol Types are Omega and Sigma. Each stream of activities involves the same number of scheduled activities plus access to all of the Spare Time (or Delta) activities. Participation in the Air Rifle activity is restricted to Scouts who are: 1) 12yo or older; 2) members of an Omega Patrol; and 3) have provided parental permission via Care Monkey. 

EOB Add Patrol.png

To add Scouts to a patrol, you click on the magnifying glass next to an empty box and select the scout from the list you are presented.

We encourage leaders to invite linking Cub Scouts to attend Gilweroo as it is a good way to showcase some of the fantastic things that they can do when they go up to Scout Section. But how do you register Cubs? It's quite simple. When you click on the magnifying glass to add a member to a patrol, the system gives you a list of all of the as yet unplaced Scouts. Above the list is a filter option in which you can tick Cub. The system will then include all of the registered Cub Scouts in your group, from which you can select the child you want.

Add Cubs.png
Adding Scouts from Another Group

There are quite a few reasons why you may have scouts from another group attending Gilweroo with you. Those that spring to mind include members of a Jamboree Troop in a pre-Jamboree year, kids from a local Group that isn't coming, new scouts who are transferring to your group but haven't quite got there yet (blame your GL's), your nephew or niece whose group has chosen not to attend.

This doesn't stop them from being registered with your troop. As log as they are current on Extranet, then we can get them placed in one of your patrols. The way this is achieved is by sharing the members of the "foreign" group with yours. This can be done by a leader from the other group who is registered in the Event Online Booking system or by Gilweroo Admin. This sharing capability is only effective for the one Event and can be "switched off" once the necessary addition has been made to the patrol.

Find Foreigner.png

All people to which you have access that meet the search criteria and haven't already been registered should appear in the list from which you can select the correct one.

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