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Register Leaders

Whilst this page is titled Register Leaders, it actually details how to register any adult attending the camp. This information is valid for Leaders, Rovers and Adult or Parent Helpers. (Also for Venturers, see the information on Independent Leaders at the foot of the page)

Registering as a Member of a Scout Group

Leaders can be registered either with a participating group or independently. Most use the former method, which is achieved by clicking Register Leaders when logged into the participating group's account in the  Event Online Booking system.

Register Leaders.png

Once the Add Leader screen is displayed, click on the magnifying glass 

Add Leader.png

The service will display a list of Leaders in your Group from which you can select the leader being added. Other members, uniformed and non-uniformed, can be displayed by ticking the appropriate checkbox and clicking the Submit button.

Stoney Creek Leaders.png

When you click the Apply button, the service will populate a few of the fields in the Add Leader screen and you will need to supply the other information and complete by clicking the Create button.

Registering as an Independent Leader

Alternatively, leaders can register independently. This is achieved by clicking on the Register independent leader button on the initial Event Online Bookings login screen. This can also be used for Venturers attending independently from their Group or Unit.

Login Independent.png

Then tick the Gilweroo event and click the Next button

Register Independent Leader.png

Complete all the details on the page and click the Register button. Please note: It is vital that this information is entered correctly as we will be sending messages via email, we may need to contact this person via phone and we will be checking their registration validity using the supplied Scout Rego number. 
For Leaders registering independently, who are not staying with one of the participating Groups or Jamboree Troops, we have accommodation available at a cost of $10 and they can also register for catering. Both of these are noted in their registration on the Event Online Booking system, but MUST be followed up by raising the appropriate request(s) in our Gilweroo Service Desk.

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