Important Information

This page is designed to give you as leaders (old and new) information about Gilweroo that will make you and your scouts weekend more enjoyable.

Organising Committee

The people who are involved in organising Gilweroo are a small and dedicated team led by our Camp Chief, Bryan Crow.  On the weekend we can be identified by the unique shirts we wear and are happy to answer any of your questions.  Alternatively if you would like to become more involved in the organising of Gilweroo please come along to one of our regular meetings throughout the year, they're even available via Zoom.  Or if you have a free weekend we hold at least one working bee at the park prior to Gilweroo.

Gilweroo is a Scouts Victoria Child Safe Event

Scouts Victoria is a Child Safe organisation with zero tolerance for any harm, abuse or neglect. We value the diversity of our members, including gender, sexuality, race, religion and ability. Visit the Scouts Victoria Child Safe Scouting webpage for more information.

Working with Children Cards (WWC)

As all leaders are aware it is now a requirement for all adults within the movement to have a current WWC card.  It is therefore a requirement by the Gilweroo organising committee that all adults on site during the camp have a current WWC card and that they can produce it upon request.  We must emphasise that this is not only a requirement for all leaders but for any parent/guardian or adult youth member over the age of 18 years.

Campsite Allocation

We attempt to allocate each campsite as close to the activity that the leaders are involved in as possible, unless otherwise requested and suitable justification is provided.

Cooks & Helpers

During the day it is expected that all leaders are out and about assisting with activities.  Scouts on the other hand are participating in activities from 8:00am till 5:30pm on Saturday and 8:00am till 2:00pm Sunday, with only minimal breaks.  Therefore we have found that there is insufficient or indeed no time for Scouts to prepare and cook their own meals.  We therefore strongly suggest that you recruit either, other leaders, parents (WWC required), older Venturers or Rovers from your Group to act as camp cooks and helpers.  These cooks and helpers prepare the meals and clean up afterwards thus allowing the Scouts and Leaders to get the most out of the weekend.


Currently Gilweroo offers 30 activities to Scouts.  The success of these activities relies solely on the support of leaders, Rovers and Venturers.  Over the years leaders/troops/groups have taken ownership of many activities and made them their own, however they still require support.  If every leader in camp can allocate at least half a day to any activity then the burden would be shared by all.  So please do not simply sit around camp waiting for your scouts to return.  If you are walking around the park please stop and offer your assistance to any activity where you believe help is required.


In 2022, Gilweroo is moving to the Elmore Events Centre, 48 Roasia Road, Burnewong, the site of the 2022 Victorian Jamboree (VicJam) and the 2007 Australian Jamboree. 


The equipment used in the activities at Gilweroo is designed, we hope,  to last multiple Gilweroo's.  So we ask that you ensure that your Scouts are aware that they need to respect this and use the equipment wisely.  We would also appreciate that the equipment remains on site.  So at the end of the weekend if you discover Gilweroo equipment in your possession please return it promptly. The only tings that a scout should take home after the weekend that didn't come with them are the Gilweroo badges, their Pyrographic artwork and memories of a really fun time.


Don't allow Scouts to bring the following:

  • UHF Radios

We discourage the use of the following:​

  • Personnel audio/video devices

  • Mobile phones

Each year a number of mobile phones and other equipment are lost by scouts.  They can be lost anywhere in the camp area and are therefore not easy to locate.  Although we do not believe theft is an issue at Gilweroo, we do however advise caution, as it is better to take the precaution than go through the hassle of replacing the lost item.

We also ask that Scouts not be issued with UHF radios.  Scouts are given a program to follow and each troop site is provided with a copy for each of their patrols, so you as a leader should always be able to identify where they are or should be.  Throughout the park most activities are issued with a UHF radio that allows for communication between activities/HQ and our roving personnel.