September 2019 

Some urgent items

  • Bookings and Registrations are managed by troops in the Event Online Booking System.

  • Early Bird payments are due September 16.

  • Invoices have been sent to all Troops that have booked using Register Troop in the Booking System.

  • Invoices issued on July 22 are missing the leading zero from their Reference numbers.

  • There are still plenty of places available, so if you haven't booked yet, do so today.

  • If you have booked but have no invoice, check you've followed the steps at How to Book and Register.

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What's making news?

Gilweroo is a Scouts Victoria Child Safe Event


Scouts Victoria is a Child Safe organisation with zero tolerance for any harm, abuse or neglect. We value the diversity of our members, including gender, sexuality, race, religion and ability. Visit the Scouts Victoria Child Safe Scouting webpage for more information.

What is Gilweroo?


Gilweroo is a patrol based activity camp that runs from Friday night until Sunday afternoon and usually entertains over 2000 scouts. It's run towards the end of November (Nov 15-17, 2019) in Mt Martha. We offer over 40 activities, which run in two scheduled streams plus a bunch of other activities to fill in the kids' spare time. It's a low cost event being only $55 per youth member, and we even offer a discount on that price. NOTE: This does not include food.

If you want more information, read on and also have a look at our website at

If you're a scout who wants to attend, or a scout parent who thinks your child may be interested, then get your Scout Leader to signup the troop.

If you're a Scout Leader, then there is information below that should help you get organised.

This month's note from the Camp Chief


Hi all we are under 3 months until this year’s camp.
Our committee met 2 weeks ago to finalize all parts of our 2019 Camp.
We have had a steady supply of bookings since July 1st, it is great to see how many groups have booked and Venturers have registered to attend and be available to help us around the camp.
Bay Park have had a new toilet block installed at the Trains area.
A reminder to all Troops that we require you to arrange to have extra help over the weekend so that you will have time to help in the running of an Activity as per the roster that will be put into place.
If you are planning on keeping your trailer on site during the camp, please make sure that you come with 2 Axle Stands to be placed at the rear of your trailer for stability, this is a law that is part of our risk management plan as well as an OH&S issue. We will have a team of Rovers that will be supervising the site on Friday night.
Please make sure that your Scouts bring an item that is suitable for T Shirt printing.
Can you ask your parents to label all clothing and personal items so that when left behind at an Activity, we can arrange for them to be returned to your Scouts rather than end up in lost property.

Bryan Crow
Camp Chief

Haven't got your invoice yet?


You may believe that you have booked your place at the camp. However, if you have Registered your Patrols but not yet Registered your Troop, then we wouldn't have sent you an invoice. You MUST follow the procedures outlined below at How to Book and Register.


Significant Dates

Bookings Opened July 1

Early Bird Closes September 16 (Just over a week away)

Victorian Term 3 Ends September 20

Victorian Term 4 Starts October 7
Final Troop Numbers October 20
Full Payment October 20
No Refunds after October 20
Final Patrol Sizes November 3
Arrivals from 5pm Friday November 15
All participants are expected to arrive Friday night
Activities commence 8am Saturday November 16
It's all over 4pm Sunday November 17

Our Accounts and Your Invoices


We're introducing Xero accounting this year, replacing our legacy home grown system. We expect a few hiccups along the way and hope you'll bear with us. In fact, the first glitch in the new system was with most of the invoices we sent out on July 22. All of our BPay References this year start with 044, however, there were quite a few that were missing the leading zero. When you go to make a payment, it will probably fail. Simply precede the published Reference number with the missing zero and it will be accepted.


How to Book and Register

Yes, Booking and Registration are two different actions. When you Book, you are telling us how many Scouts, Leaders and others that you anticipate attending. When you Register, you're telling us who is actually coming. We will insist on a Booking before we will process your Registration, so please do the booking first. This is achieved by logging into the Event Online Bookings system at and clicking on Register Troop for Event in the section titled Gilweroo 2019. This process opened on July 1st.

EOB Register Troop.png

Registration is a different process. This is where we get actual details of the people attending and it's just opened. Start chasing your numbers and book early. We find that our places fill up quickly and we wouldn't want your kids to miss out.  

EOB Register Patrols.png


We welcome Venturer Units and individual Venturers who want to come and assist with the running of the camp. For more information, please contact our newly appointed Venturer liaison officer, Ian Mortlock, at



We're also keen to engage Rovers to assist. There are at least 5 crews that regularly help out. If your group has a Crew attached, please let them know we could do with their assistance. Of course, we also welcome individual Rovers who want to assist even if their crew is unavailable.


Gilweroo Service Desk

The Gilweroo Service Desk is available for requests. It is distinctly possible that you already have a login to this system. We have used it for the last 4 camps. Your username is likely to be your email address. If you can't remember your password then you can use the Forgot your password? link. This uses your email to identify you, so it doesn't matter if you cannot remember your username. If you don't think you have a login, click on the Sign up for an account link. If it turns out that you do have an account using your email address then JIRA will tell you.

NOTE: We have found that the JIRA Service Desk software works much better on a Windows PC so if you're having difficulties with a mobile phone or iPad, please try to use a PC.

JSD Login.png

Friday Night Meetings

The following meetings will be held in the Side Show Alley Marquee behind the HQ building ("The Lodge") or in HQ itself on Friday night


Patrol Leaders


Activity Leaders







(No leaders to attend, PL's only)

(No leaders to attend, PL's only)

At least one leader from each Troop

At least one leader from each Activity







Activity Updates

Air Rifles

Air Rifles is on this year’s program again after a great kick start with our team from the Sporting Shooters Association taking control.  If you are a Leader with a Shooter’s Licence and would like to be part of this team, please email

Zorb Balls

This year, as last year, we have employed a professional business to supply, set up and run the Zorb Ball activity with assistance from our Leaders.

Rock Climbing

Rock Up will bring their Rock Climbing tower again, which will have five ropes running.

Bubble Soccer

We have a new supplier this year, but would like to thank Helen and Steve from Crazy Bubble Soccer for their fantastic support over the last few years.


Movement of Scouts

Leaders, please make a note that Gilweroo is a closed Camp to parents or families.  If you have an adult coming to collect a Scout or return a Scout back to camp during the weekend, this will all be done via GATE 2 (i.e. Hearn Road main entrance). This must be pre-registered by using our Service Desk.



Any Troop wishing to keep a trailer on site, this is now being allowed but not attached to a car.  To comply with OH&S requirements, suitable stands and wheel chocks will be required.  See our details at Trailers. Axle Stands are available at Repco, Total Tools, Bunnings, Supercheap Auto, Autobarn and, of course, Gumtree and Ebay*. You can even hire them from Kennards. Failure to comply will result in your trailer being moved, under instruction from the Camp Chief, to an offsite location.

* This is by no means a definitive list and does not imply any specific recommendation

Car Parking


Car Parking arrangements are the same as last year, with all vehicles needing to be parked in one of our offsite car parks. These car parks will close at 1am on Saturday morning (Friday night), so if you have leaders arriving after that time, they should come in the morning at opening time, 7am. On Saturday night the car parks will close at midnight and reopen at 7am on Sunday morning.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the difference between Omega and Sigma activities?
    Each activity stream consists of 11 scheduled activities. Some of these are common to both streams and some are unique. Our most popular activity is the Air Rifles which is part of the Omega stream. There are some conditions that apply specifically to Air Rifles: the participants must be at least 12yo and MUST have permission from a parent or guardian to participate.

  2. Can all the patrols from our group participate in the Omega stream?
    No, in order to ensure fair access for all attending troops, we expect that troops will balance their scouts across both activity stream. If they don't, we will.

  3. Can I change my patrol makeup after Registrations close?
    The patrol makeup can be altered up until November 3. After this time, no changes can be entertained.

  4. How late can I make payment?
    Closing date for final payments is October 20, but you will need to bank your money prior to 6pm on October 18 for us to receive it by the deadline.

  5. What is the Early Bird discount?
    For an Early Bird discount of $5 per youth member, payment must be received in our bank account by Sep 9. Any scouts added after this time will need to make full payment.

  6. What is the Gilweroo refund policy?
    No refunds will be made after October 20. If a youth member can no longer attend, they may be replaced by another scout up until our final changes deadline of November 3.