Gilweroo is a Scouts Victoria Child Safe Event

Scouts Victoria is a Child Safe organisation with zero tolerance for any harm, abuse or neglect. We value the diversity of our members, including gender, sexuality, race, religion and ability. Visit the Scout Victoria Child Safe Scouting webpage for more information.

Adults @ Gilweroo

Parent helpers must be registered with State HQ and hold a Working With Children Check.  Ask your GL to register them as a Rostered Parent (this does not cost the Group). Once they have their registration number, and the WWCC has been loaded onto the Extranet, they can apply online. Parents are not permitted to ‘drop in’ and visit during the day. Every person attending Gilweroo, must be registered and have applied to come. This includes adults dropping in just for the day to help.

Scouts Victoria Policy for Child Safe Scouting at Major Events states:

All adults applying to attend a major event must, prior to attendance;

  • Be recorded on Extranet as either an Adult Member, Rover, or Office Bearer.

  • Hold a valid Working With Children Check which has been recorded against the individual Extranet record

Have undertaken, within the last three years, the Child Safe Scouting eLearning module available at

Payments Due NOW

Full payment is due now and if not in our bank account by Tuesday morning, your booking will be cancelled. Thank you to all Groups that have already paid.

Patrol Sizes

It is VITAL that Groups enter their Patrol Registrations by October 24 in order to let us know the patrol sizes.. Failure to do so will mean that the committee will set your patrol configurations and, after October 24, patrol sizes cannot be adjusted. The total number of scouts should be the same as the number of Scouts for which you have booked and paid for.

It will still be possible to move scouts between patrols up until the Tuesday before the camp, November 14. 

Care Monkey

As we have previously advised, Medical Information is being managed by Care Monkey again this year. By applying to attend Gilweroo as a Participant or Helper, you agree to Scouts Victoria sharing your Care Monkey profile with the First Aid team operating at Gilweroo. This share will be discontinued after the camp.

There are two additional permission forms that will also be available to parents for their children. The first is the Special Activities Permission form which needs to be approved for every participating scout. The second of these forms is the Air Rifle Permission form. This will be made available to the parents of all scouts who are 12yo or older during the camp, regardless of whether they are scheduled for Omega or Sigma activities. This will allow leaders to do last minute shuffles without the bother of having to have Care Monkey updated. You will just need to manage the parent's expectations. During the next week, parent's will be emailed, inviting them to read and approve these two forms.

Previous Updates

This is the second notice directed to the Contacts for Gilweroo 2017. The first was issued at 19:45 on Wednesday October 18. If you don't have a copy, please let us know by emailing The topics covered were:

  • Payments

  • Care Monkey and Permission Forms

  • Campsite and Activity Allocation

  • Patrol Registration

  • Extraordinary Youth Movement

  • Vehicle Access

  • Sunday Pick-Up

  • Catering

  • Accommodation

Gilwerooo Service Desk

The Gilweroo Service Desk is now available for requests. The options available are:

Vehicle Movement and Car Parking

The following summarises Gilweroo's Vehicle Policy for 2017.

  • All vehicles entering Joseph Harris Park (Bay Park) from 5pm to 12 midnight on Friday November 17 must be pre-Registered on the Gilweroo Service Desk.

  • All vehicles entering Joseph Harris Park (Bay Park) after 4pm on Sunday November 19 must be pre-Registered on the Gilweroo Service Desk.

  • The only exceptions to these rules will be Emergency Service Vehicles.

  • All vehicles using the Gilweroo Off-site Car Park at 225 Hopetoun Avenue, Mount Martha, must be pre-Registered on the Gilweroo Service Desk.

  • Official vehicles will be issued with a permit that must be displayed in the windscreen.

  • On Friday evening, registered vehicles are permitted to drive to the Scout Group's Campsite for the sole purpose of delivering participants, helpers and equipment. They are permitted to remain for a reasonable time to allow unloading. Once unloaded, they must be removed to a carpark location immediately.

  • On Sunday afternoon, registered vehicles are permitted to drive to the Scout Group's Campsite for the sole purpose of collecting participants, helpers and equipment.

  • Trailers are permitted to be left at the campsite over the weekend, provided they do NOT obstruct other vehicular movement or neighbouring campsites.

  • Vehicles parked on other Troop sites on Friday night will be removed. Any damage sustained during this removal will be the responsibility of the vehicle owner. Removal will be effected using either flat-top towage or chained and dragged by a 4x4 vehicle. 

  • A Scout pickup zone will be established on Sunday afternoon near the Volleyball court area. Vehicles collecting just people and their personal belongings are directed to enter the park via Gate 2 and proceed to the pickup zone. If the passengers are not present when the vehicle arrives at the pickup zone, the vehicle is directed to leave immediately via Gate 4 and re-queue to enter again at Gate 2.

Gilweroo staff will be patrolling campsite areas to ensure that these rules are adhered to. Any driver directed to move their vehicle must do so within 5 minutes of this request.

What to Bring

There is a Personal Equipment List detailing the things scouts should bring. It is available on our website at Personal Equipment List.

SMS Text Messaging

As a part of the process of getting this information to all of our Troop contacts, we are also sending an SMS Tet message "advertising" this newsletter communication. If you get the email and not the text message, can you please let us know by return email to