September 2018 #1

What's making news?

Gilweroo is a Scouts Victoria Child Safe Event


Scouts Victoria is a Child Safe organisation with zero tolerance for any harm, abuse or neglect. We value the diversity of our members, including gender, sexuality, race, religion and ability. Visit the Scouts Victoria Child Safe Scouting webpage for more information.

Heard from us?


If you have booked to attend and haven't yet received anything other than the automated response, then let us know by emailing because you should at least have an invoice by now.

Frequently Asked Questions


A Frequently Asked Questions section has been added to our website at

Significant Dates


Early Bird Closed
Final Troop Numbers October 14
Full Payment October 14
No Refunds after October 14
Final Patrol Sizes November 4
Arrivals from 5pm Friday November 16
All participants are expected to arrive Friday night
Activities commence 8am Saturday November 17
It's all over 4pm Sunday November 18

How to Book and Register


Yes, Booking and Registration are two different actions. When you Book, you are telling us how many Scouts, Leaders and others that you anticipate attending. When you Register, you're telling us who is actually coming. We will insist on a Booking before we will process your Registration, so please do the booking first. This is achieved by logging into the Event Online Bookings system at and clicking on Register Troop for Event in the section titled Gilweroo 2018.

Register Troop.jpg

We encourage leaders to invite linking Cub Scouts to attend Gilweroo as it is a good way to showcase some of the fantastic things that they can do when they go up to Scout Section. But how do you register Cubs? It's quite simple. Include them in your booking numbers and when you are registering your patrols, when you click on the magnifying glass to add a member to a patrol, the system gives you a list of all of the as yet unplaced Scouts. Above the list is a filter option in which you can tick Cub. The system will then include all of the registered Cub Scouts in your group, from which you can select the child you want.

Add Cubs.png



We welcome Venturer Units and individual Venturers who want to come and assist the Gilweroo Venturer Unit with the running of the camp. For more information, please contact our Venturer liaison officer, Ian Mortlock, at



We're also keen to engage Rovers to assist. There are at least 5 crews that regularly help out. If your group has a Crew attached or you know a Rover or two that may be interested, please let them know we could do with their assistance. Email

Parent Helpers


To register them, use the Register Leaders option, Add, then when you click the magnifying glass, ensure to tick Office Bearer in the Section option. They should appear in there. If they don’t, then your GL will need to register them on the Extranet as Parent Helpers which will require a Working With Children Card. Once registered, they will be available in the Event Online Booking system within 24 hours. Any Parent Helpers wishing to stay overnight at the camp will also be required to undergo a Police Check if they do not have a current one on file on the Extranet.

Gilweroo Service Desk


The Gilweroo Service Desk is now available for requests. It is distinctly possible that you already have a login to this system. We have used it for the last 3 camps. Your username is likely to be your email address. If you can't remember your password then you can use the Forgot your password? link. This uses your email to identify you, so it doesn't matter if you cannot remember your username. If you don't think you have a login, click on the Sign up for an account link. If it turns out that you do have an account using your email address then JIRA will tell you.

NOTE: We have found that the JIRA Service Desk software works much better on a Windows PC so if you're having difficulties with a mobile phone or iPad, so please try to use a PC.

JSD Login.png

Friday Night Meetings


The following meetings will be held in the Side Show Alley Marquee behind the HQ building ("The Lodge") or in HQ itself on Friday night


Patrol Leaders



Activity Leaders








(No leaders to attend, PL's only)

(No leaders to attend, PL's only)

All Venturers assisting as part of the Gilweroo Venturer Unit

At least one leader from each Troop

At least one leader from each Activity




Bay Park Station



Activity Permission Forms


Special Activity Permission Form

When control of an Activity is passed to a third party company or individual, Scouts Victoria require's permission from the parent or guardian before their youth member can participate in the activity. Gilweroo have a number of activities that fall into this category, bearing in mind that there are still Scout Leaders assisting with supervision and marshaling. A Special Activity Permission form is being supplied via Care Monkey, that must be acknowledged and signed for all youth members attending Gilweroo. This includes Cubs and Venturers.

Air Rifle Permission Form

As mentioned in our previous newsletter, the Air Rifles Activity is back on this year’s program. Scouts in Omega patrols who are 12yo or older on the day of the activity are eligible to participate, provided parental permission has been supplied. The permission form will be made available via Care Monkey closer to the camp.

Movement of Scouts


Leaders, please make a note that Gilweroo is a closed Camp to parents or families.  If you have an adult coming to collect a Scout or return a Scout back to camp during the weekend, this will all be done via GATE 2 (i.e. Hearn Road main entrance). This must be pre-registered by using our Service Desk.

Car Parking


Only Official Gilweroo vehicles are to remain inside Bay Park during the weekend. Gilweroo will be operating a shuttle bus between Bay Park and our two off-site carparks. Leaders are encouraged to relocate their cars before the meeting at 10:30pm/

Hopetoun Car Park

This carpark, located at 225 Hopetoun Avenue, Mt Martha, will be used as our Day Car Park. Each troop will be given a Day Carpark Pass which entitles them to park one car in this carpark.

Old Moorooduc Car Park

The second carpark is significantly larger and is located at 31 Old Moorooduc Road, Dromana. All others cars are expected to be kept here.

Disabled Parking

A limited number of disabled car parks are available inside Gate 2 for holders of Disabled Parking Permits.



Any Troop wishing to keep a trailer on site, this is now being allowed but not attached to a car.  To comply with OH&S requirements, the trailer must be secured so that it doesn't roll or tip. If you're unsure how to do this without an attached vehicle, please see the Trailer page on our website.

Campsite Numbering


At the end of Gilweroo 2017, a number of Scout Troops (30+) decided that our new illuminated campsite signs would be more use to them than us. If your group ended up taking one home to look after for us, can you please make arrangements for its return so that we can use it again.